Thursday, February 21, 2013

Yang Ge(rice sprouts song)

is a form of Chinese folk dance originating from the Song Dynasty. It is very popular in northern China and is one of the most representative form of folk arts. It is popular in both the countryside and cities in northern China. It is especially popular among older people. Crowds of people will go out into the street in the evening and dance together in a line or a circle formation.
Some dancers dress up in red, green, or other colorful costumes, and typically use a red silk ribbon around the waist. They will swing their bodies to music played by drum, trumpet, and gong. More people will join in as they see Yang Ge going on and dance along. Some dancers use props like the waistdrum, dancing fan, fake donkey, or litter. In different areas Yangge is performed in different styles, but all types express happiness.
In the 1940s, the Chinese Communist Party adopted the dance as a means of rallying village support, and it is sometimes known as "reform yangge".

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