Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer Transitioning to Fall

So, summer is almost over. Tomorrow, we will have our last outdoor session. It has been fun dancing at Harrison Park. We have drawn attention from curious public every week. While most people just stood and watched us from a distances, a lady actually joined in on a few dances. It was Summerfolk weekend. This festival visitor from Guelph was pleased to find us at the park where she was camping for the weekend. "It has given her festival weekend a nice start"! We have had teenagers and children who were too shy to join us by tried their very best to imitate our moves.

The next three weeks, we will be visiting nursing homes in Owen Sound. demonstrations in public events aside, this is going to be the first time Grey Bruce International Folk Dancers perform for an audience. We hope to get some old folks up and dancing with us!

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