Sunday, October 5, 2014

Smooth Transition Follow-up

Remember in June we organized an event at Hillcrest Elementary School for grade 6 students from Dufferin, Hillcrest, Keppel-Sarawak and Sydenham who would be attending grade 7 at Hillcrest this fall? Well, now that it is a month into the new school year, we are going to visit these students in their "new" school and classes and see how they are doing.

On October 6, we will be bringing these students together once again in their school gymnasium to do some dances they already know - Kambos(Greece), Alunelul(Romania), Kanaztanc(Hungary) and Kulsko Horo(Blugaria). I think we will probably have time to teach them a couple more - Ambee Dageets(Armenia) and Zemir Atik(Israel)

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